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10% of all sales profits will go to the Catholic Church in the Central African Republic in Carnot which is sheltering Islamic refugees.


Our books ”Loving: Tapping Your Spiritual Source” and ”Prayers of Mystic Love” are perfect companions to "The Great Mystery". Give yourself or others a gift of the DVD and the beautiful companion books!!!


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"Prayers of Mystic Love"
Soundtrack (MP3)
"Loving:Tapping Your Spiritual Source" (ebook)

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To further Peace, Tolerance and Inclusivity we are working toward getting a DVD in every Library in the US, approximately 16,000. To donate DVD's to Libraries across the US click here and enter your amount. All funds go directly to DVD purchase and postage, we will get the DVD's to the libraries!

Welcome to "The Great Mystery" and the work of peace and tolerance, inclusivity and acceptance between peoples of all faiths. The crew and production team thank you for visiting us, watching The Great Mystery, becoming our audience and our partners in the discussion and the work of peace.  We ask you to share this movie with your friends, family, co-workers, congregations and loved ones so that we may continue to spread the word about our movie and join with millions who are working toward peace in our world!

Great Blessings in the Great Mystery of Creation and Love,

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